* Rez the box and unpack it
* Rez the Fussel Home
* Rez the Fussel Food
* Rez the Fussel
* Click the Fussel and choose “Set home” from the blue dropdown (you can also change home range and name)
* You are ready to start breeding Fussels


* Fussels grow in 7 days to being a grown-up, which will make them vertile.
* Males will look for a hot lady Fussel.
* Females are pregnant for 3 days, then they will give birth to a baby Fussel.
* Females need a day to recover before they can get pregnant again.

Fussel babies are born in different texture colours and antenna colours. So you will have loads of different Fussels to sell.
When a Fussel is born with 2 different antenna colours, you have a special one!
You have a 4% chance to get a Midnight Dark Fussel, which is a really rare one.
Each new born Fussel will get its own name, you can change this by clicking the Fussel or let the name be as it is.

Fussels can die, however in the store is a revive potion for sale, so not to worry.

Fussels cant get older then 60 days.


* My Fussel isnt taking its definite colours??
Sometimes the communication between the new born Fussel and the server is not working perfectly. Just click the Fussel as a work around and the issue is solved.

* How do i sell my Fussels?
Pack your new born Fussels in a box and set it for sale

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