Finally they are released and looking for a new home!

Today i have released the Fussels. After a year of testing and fixing bugs etc i am finally at this stage.

I would like to thank Jim Tarber, Tranquillity Dexler and Dream Walker for all the help in the past year 🙂

Fussels are available in the mainstore on Gurlywood and on Inbiz. These are the only 2 official places to buy food, potions and starterpacks.

Also all the profit of the Fussels will go to charity and this charity is BBC Childern in Need. The charity will change every now and then.


I hope you will enjoy them!


Affiliate Kiosks are now available!

As of today there is an affiliate kiosk available at the Fussel Breedable Paradise.

This kiosk is free and is copy only.

How does this Affiliate kiosk work?

Rez one out at a popular location that you have rights to rez at, and when someone clicks your Fussel Kiosk (so long as they have not already clicked another user’s Kiosk), we record your name and their name. Whenever that user purchases a Pre-Order Fussel Pack – you will receive 10% commission on whatever they order! And not just their first order, all orders until launch will be 10% commission to you! (copy/paste this in the InWorldz viewer)

Fussels say: Hello InWorldz!

The Fussels are currently in testing mode and soon they will be available in InWorldz for the public.

What are Fussels?

Fussels are cute, fluffy little bouncy balls that multiply, eat, sleep and make funny noises. The will be available in all kind of colors and even special edition colors.

More details will be released soon, so keep an eye on the website and join the InWorldz group: “Fussels Breedables”